"Whoa - a $600 blog post!"

Did you think that when you first saw the headline here? A lot of people do. 

But here's the deal: $600 isn't all that much. $600 is easy. 

You just have to flip how you think about it. 

A $600 blog post is just a blog post that delivers $600 in value. And that's not actually all that hard. 

Let's look at three ways you could create $600 worth of value from a blog post: 

  • with website traffic
  • with leads
  • with sales

How to create $600 worth of value with website traffic measured in clicks

The average cost per click for B2B paid traffic is $3.33. Which means your blog post only needs to attract 180 clicks to pay for itself. 

Or, if you're in technology, where the average cost per click for paid traffic is $3.80, which means you'll need 158 clicks to pay for a $600 blog post. 

How to create $600 worth of value from a blog post with leads

The average value of a lead is anywhere from $43 to $370. So if you're an IT or Service business that pays an average of $370 per lead, you only need 2 leads to pay for a $600 blog post.

How to create $600 worth of value from a blog post with sales

The average US ecommerce order size was $81.26 in 2019 according to Shopify. If the ecommerce site is making a 10% profit, that means they're earning $8.13 per sale. 

So you, as the blogger, need to make them 74 sales from each blog post to make those numbers work. 

Of course, if their average order value is $800, or they're making 30% profit, then what your blog post would have to sell to pay for itself would change. 

See the pattern here?

It's when we stop seeing blog posts (or any piece of writing) as isolated little chunks of content that their value rises. 

A blog post floating in space, disconnected from a sales funnel - or on some random website - doesn't have much value at all. Whomever wrote that post probably won't get paid very much for it, because the owner of the site isn't making any money; they can't afford to pay the writer much. 

But when that blog post is part of a sales process, and that blog post starts to drive business... WHOA! That's when you've got a $600 blog post. Or even a $6,000 blog post. 

If you want to get paid $600 per blog post, you need to be thinking about how your blog posts (your words) can drive $600 worth of business. 

You have to think bigger than "I wrote a good blog post." 

Nobody really cares about "good" blog posts. More than 4 million blog posts are published every day. Only some of them (very few, actually) actually generate business - actually make money. 

But if you can write blog posts and other content that actually generate business, your clients will eagerly pay you more. Even $600 per blog post. Which is a hell of a lot better than the $100 per post some people actually brag about. 

"Is this for real? Can you really make $600 per blog post?"

Yes, it is for real. And yes, you really can make $600 per blog post. I do it all the time. Here's proof of how much my clients pay me.







So how do you go from earning $100 to $600 per post?

You learn how to write posts that drive business.

Here are the five key differences between blog posts you may have been writing (or you've been asked to write) and the blog posts you should be writing:

Blog posts that drive business and make money
Blog posts that don't drive business and don't make money
- are part of a sales funnel
- build trust
- are useful and actionable
- are designed to attract free traffic
- nurture readers into customers, and customers into repeat customers
- are easy to understand and enjoyable to read
- put sales motivations ahead of readers' needs
- don't give the reader anything they can use
- aren't optimized for SEO and social sharing
- leave readers at a dead end
- are hard or boring to read

Everything from the column on the left is exactly what this  course will cover.

Course curriculum

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